roswell, he, 25

halfway between meat and metal.

i like technology, biology, horror, conceptual art, and anything weird. i'm a bit shy, but i like to make friends, too.

not recommended for children or
those of a nervous disposition.


facts about me: i'm a brooklyn sometimes-artist who spends most of his time at work or daydreaming.

i love biology (zoology & evolutionary), science fiction, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, alien intelligence, horror media, original characters, and almost anything cute. my favorite animals are birds (pigeons, parrots, finches), rabbits, rats, elephants, arthropods (millipedes & isopods), insects, and parasites. art is everything and everything is art, especially the weird stuff!

i'm currently keeping millipedes and isopods. i want to live with a bird someday.

i spend my free time waxing philosophic, reading weird fiction, playing second life, or talking about nonsense on the internet. i'm usually about 30% social, so please feel free to send me a message but keep in mind that i may have trouble responding. it's nothing personal!

Death to Videodrome! Long live the new flesh!

[art credit]


some things i like

music: jun togawa, nine inch nails, the paper chase, rasputina, a perfect circle, laurie anderson, son lux, dessa, IAMX / sneaker pimps, cosmo sheldrake, tori amos

games: second life, fallen london, rune factory, pokemon, bastion, animal crossing, story of seasons, yume nikki, MUDs

literature: jeff vandermeer, phillip pullman (his dark materials), octavia butler, becky chambers (wayfarers), terry pratchett (good omens, discworld), jg ballard, mary roach

film/tv: the venture bros, alan resnick, tim & eric, creep, lake mungo, david lynch, hereditary, david cronenberg (& son!), the ring, the blair witch project, let the right one in

misc: hatoba tsugu, girls last tour, kemono friends, dorohedoro, mob psycho 100, delicious in dungeon, mobage (dragalia lost, magia record, sdorica, cookie run, etc), weird youtube videos, performance art, conceptual art, body horror, soft serve ice cream, having the day off, and more!